RuneScape - If you are not at the level of 50 in your Ranged skills

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The most essential item in the archer's equipment is his backpacking companion, Ava's Device. This item automatically picks up weapons from the ground. If you plan on increasing your Ranged skill and OSRS gold using costly ammunition, this is the item you must have.

Ava's Devices are the most beneficial to Ranging skill, which is the most common of slots in the cape, they help you save money as well as time by automatic pickups and they can also bring in random objects to your inventory. You can get this item by finishing Animal Magnetism quest which requires completion of Priest In Peril, Ernest the Chicken and the Restless Ghost quests. Additionally, you'll need levels 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Woodcutting, and 35 Ranged. There are three different types of equipment which you can buy.

Avas Attractor - If you are not at the level of 50 in your Ranged skills, you'll receive this as a reward from the quest. This piece of equipment automatically picks up 60% or more of your ammunition. It breaks down to 20%. is broken (which is the norm for all ammunition types) and the remaining 20 percent of it remains in the ground. It gives you an additional 2 points to your accuracy in the Range.

Avas Accumulator - Once you reach the level 50 mark, if you already have an Attractor, you can go to Ava Upgrade it to the next level by offering the arrows with steel 75 and 1000 gold. But, if you've successfully completed the quest after reaching 50 Ranged you'll get this version immediately, with no other payments. The new version will increase the pickup rate of your ammunition from 60% to 72 percent. It also has +4 Magic Defence and +4 bonus to the Ranged Accuracy.

Avas Assembler Last but not last but not least, we've got an upgrade which requires completion the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. In the event of bringing Vorkaths head and 75 Mithril Arrows you can upgrade your backpack once time. While rs2007 gold the most effective version has very high requirements, it's certainly worth the investment.