Ultra 4D Returns Releasing With Its Sonic Ink Colorway

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Ultra 4D Returns Releasing With Its Sonic Ink Colorway

As soon as it went public, New Release Yeezy became obsessed with Ultra 4D and cooperated with the best boutiques in the world. Since then, the excitement has cooled a bit, and the silhouette only appears in the rare GR color scheme. At the beginning of this year, the combination was neither flat nor strong. Bright neon hues run through the sweater, although their green color is quickly obscured by "Sonic Ink" wrapped in cages and counters. Adjacent to it, the rest of Primeknit also attracts people's attention with a white neutral color, which occupies the three stripes on the upper, laces and sides. As for the 4D sole, however, the grid was painted with a yellow finish, giving it a retro feel. Almost a year ago, Vans collaborated with CDG, the latest work of COMME des GARÇONS, to design a retro style with a logo. After several collaborations, the two finally reunited in the same costume, this time in white.

Since the first collaborative release in 2020, Prada and 2021 Yeezy Boost have stayed in sync effortlessly. Two years later, they launched a new product, the two companies may have reached the best level. In the high and low places of the forum, the capsule highlights a reserved luxury, similar to their past superstars. More importantly, the building itself pays homage to the classic nylon bag of the fashion brand, with similar metal brands and synthetic materials. The movable compartment further deepens these ideas, and at the same time creates an interesting point for the implementation of the simple "three whites" and "three blacks" of the color scheme. To take a closer look at these four upcoming pairs of shoes, please take a look at the official pictures below. According to the retailer, the release date was set for January 13, but it may change later. Now, waiting for further updates.

After deleting all IG posts, Bad Bunny will start 2022 with a whole new look. His upcoming adidas Forum Low will also bid farewell to the strap that he will wear in 2021, which is refreshing. Thanks to the artist’s latest music video shot by BTS, we received the clearest appearance of the shoes to date. Compared to its predecessor,Hoka Shoes ,this new forum has a simpler, everyday look. The practicality of the metal buckle is completely gone, replaced by a more standard leather strap. In these shots, the front part of the latter was deleted, so that the thick double tongue below can be better seen. However, the fasteners on the back are intact, providing a distinct volume and militaristic feel. All these fixtures and the front of the adjacent panels are given a white, almost gray finish, complemented by a slightly yellowed midsole below. Similar to the original version, the pair exudes a familiar beauty, which looks more like one of the perennial GRs of the Anaheim brand. White is used for shoe laces as well as the sides and jazz stripes, while the suede covering deviates subtly from their white finish. Below, the fox tone is a dark black, matching the bold "CDG" text, which is pasted on the entire midsole.