I want a basilisk material head

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I want a basilisk material head for my residence. I am level 61 slayer and level 71 construction. I am sporting a ring of wealth. I've just killed 386 basilisks without once getting a head into stuff. My friend got a head after only 20 kills, while another participant up there reckons he has about 12 now. I have compared notes with my buddy and other than the fact she has a much higher combat level, we're doing nothing otherwise. I've only had someone tell me that it is random, but it's going occur anywhere between 0 - 200 kills. I have nearly doubled that now and, if we include the preceding sessions, I've done 3 to 4 times that amount onto basilisks alone. Before now, I've killed over 200 crawling heads without you to stuff, in addition to OSRS gold rising 8 fishing levels waiting for a huge bass to material. I have still never had something to put in my skill room.

In staking (or even dueling), there's this strategy that I've seen folks use and it's: Employ weak armour. The stake (or duel) begins, and you place in your best"firearms" (armour ). You win the bet (or duel!) Is this some kind of offence of some of Cheap RS gold the runescape rules. . .like scamming? I duno:therefore I only want to know if I can use it, it appears quite powerful. When you enter duel arena, heres what it states: Dueling is a really honorable practice and if you're at it you cannot cheat, dishonor, or try to escape by ANY reason or excuse after you've accepted it.