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Nearly 70% of visitors come to your site through search engines and 80% of them only visit the first page of Google results. It is therefore essential to show great rigour in terms of SEO and to surround yourself with a recognised partner in the field such as Artionet Web Agency. We Provid

Natural reference


Nearly 70% of visitors come to your site through search engines and 80% of them only visit the first page of Google results. It is therefore essential to show great rigour in terms of SEO and to surround yourself with a recognised partner in the field such as Artionet Web Agency. We Provide Seo Services in Islamabad .

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our SEO experts, you will benefit from visibility on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu and Yandex) and on thematic directories related to your market. Our objective is to position you in the top ranking, in order to guarantee maximum visibility and to increase the traffic of your site and implicitly its profitability.



Natural referencing is not an acquired science and evolves very quickly . This is why our team offers tailor-made solutions adapted to new web trends and search engine algorithms. We carry out daily monitoring of your positioning and that of your main competitors in order to plan actions and strategies to be implemented.

Therefore, it is important to have a product that develops accordingly and to provide regular monitoring . It is for this reason that we very regularly test the results of the referencing carried out on your site and adapt the keywords according to your strategic orientations. On a daily basis, we write quality content for your site that we optimize to meet the rules of writing for the web. All of this work can result in a monthly performance report being delivered to the customer.

Sponsored links

The concept of search engine marketing (SEM) is composed firstly of natural referencing and secondly, sponsored links (or paid clicks). These two methods are different but complementary. The effects of sponsored links are visible immediately , whereas those of a natural referencing campaign take almost three months before being present in the search engines.


Sponsored links allow you to quickly position yourself among the search results located on the right of the Google engine. This pay-per-click system allows you to set bids for each keyword of your choice and have your website appear as advertisements when people search on Google. Once your bids have been defined and your ads written, your site is immediately visible and therefore finds itself in immediate competition with other sites in the same sector of activity.


When we manage your advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, we do the following:

  • Search for keywords related to your activity and bid estimation
  • Estimation of a monthly budget for the distribution of your ads
  • Creation of your account, configuration and organisation of your various campaigns
  • Drafting of ads for each campaign and organisation in ad groups
  • Daily monitoring: bid adjustment, budget monitoring and regular reporting

Want to know how your website is performing? Artionet offers you to carry out a referencing audit of your site without obligation.