How To Choose The Right CBD Boxes For Your Business

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CBD Boxes are available in different styles and designs used as durable storage solutions for product packaging.


The first step in buying custom printed CBD boxes is to understand what they are. These boxes can be made of Corrugated cardboard or PVC. There are a few things to consider when choosing a box, including the type of debossing you want, as well as whether it will be embossed or not. CBD-Boxes is a company that specializes in custom boxes, and you can benefit from their expertise.

Custom printed CBD boxes

If you're looking for Custom CBD boxes to sell your cannabis product, there are several options you have to choose from. While you can order custom-printed CBD boxes in a range of colors, you may also want to consider adding a coating to them. Coating can be either glossy or matte, and it can enhance the appearance of the packaging. Coatings are especially useful for custom CBD boxes because they can help protect them from environmental damages and prolong the shelf life of the products.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a popular material for packaging CBD products. The corrugation of this material helps protect the product during transport. A corrugated cardboard box is a strong and durable material that can protect any type of product. The material is also eco-friendly and recyclable. High-grade cardboard paper is used to ensure that the printing is smooth and vibrant. In addition, corrugated boxes are cheaper than other types of packaging.

PVC boxing

When choosing a custom packaging material for CBD products, you should make sure you choose a material that is eco-friendly and will not damage the product during transportation. Cardstock is an option, but it is not ideal for international shipping and is not suited for CBD cream boxes. The best choice for CBD cream boxes is corrugated paper, which is comprised of two panels with flutes. You can also choose biodegradable kraft paper for the CBD boxing.

Embossed or debossed

Embossed or debossed packaging is a popular option for CBD boxes. These designs add a more attractive finish to CBD products. They can also be durable and protect CBD from damage. The process of embossing or debossing boxes also creates a raised or depressed surface on the packaging. Embossed and debossed CBD boxes are also more expensive than other materials, but they are more visually appealing.


Customized CBD boxes are a great way to advertise your company. You can even add your logo in black. These boxes are made using high quality materials and have very low minimum order quantities. They are made by a professional factory using recycled and eco-friendly cardboard. The CBD oil boxes are stored in a secure warehouse. Foiling is a good way to protect your products from damage. Custom boxes can be used to sell CBD oil or window coverings.

UV Coating

UV Coating is a popular method for printing on packaging. This process uses UV lamps to instantly dry the ink. This process gives the box an exceptionally lustrous finish. The UV coating is also scratch and fingerprint-free. Many brands choose UV coating for their packaging because of its durability. It also looks great and increases the appeal of the product. Read on to learn more about the benefits of UV Coating. Here are some of them:

Custom window cut

There are many options for CBD packaging that can be made custom to your tastes. Some are gold and silver foiled while others feature a custom window cut. PVC boxing is another option that will make your packaging stand out on the shelves. In either case, the custom window cut will make your CBD boxes stand out. Regardless of which option you choose, the final product will be unique and highly appealing. Choosing a box with a custom window cut will ensure your customer can recognize your CBD products from a distance.