The most played racing games

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Following are the most played racing games in 2022.


A meditative but not boring strategy dedicated to the creation of galactic mega-states. Players in Ogame populate the planets assigned to them, after which they begin to explore the surrounding space: neighboring planets, satellites, asteroids and other celestial bodies from which resources can be obtained. Sooner or later, the need to develop forces you to leave your native star system, and then expansion begins. Well, which way to carry it out - trade, political or military - is up to the users themselves to decide.



A game subtly reminiscent of the iconic StarCraft. And not only by name: the units and buildings of local factions clearly hint at the source of inspiration for the developers.

However, the gameplay of Xcraft differs significantly from the creation of Blizzard : here, instead of bases, entire planets are rebuilt, and units are produced not by dozens, but by entire space fleets. Do not forget about the colonization of new worlds, the creation of stellar empires and the conduct of galactic wars. As you already understood, any other strategy will envy the scale of this unblocked games 76..



Space MMORPG , when looking at which some gamers will be covered by a powerful wave of nostalgia. The thing is that Star Ghosts was originally supposed to be called Space Rangers Online, but due to copyright issues, the developers had to change the name of the game. Which, however, did not affect the gameplay: these are, in fact, the same Space Rangers with numerous improvements - deep character leveling, a crafting system , a well-thought-out economy, as well as full-fledged PvP and mass battles. In general, a real treat for nostalgic players unblocked games 66..



Browser-based RPG with elements of tactical strategy based on the popular sci-fi universe of Star Trek. Here, players will have to join one of the opposing factions - the United Federation of Planets or the Klingon Empire, and enter into a galactic war, capturing planets, rebuilding bases and forming space fleets. The game is distinguished by an automatic combat system, so the leveling of the army and officers must be given the closest attention.