A Note on the Direction of RuneScape

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I think we are at a crossroads in RuneScape's development, and I believe Jagex is close to shooting us down the route towards the failures of OSRS Money. Why are we at this crossroads? Twitch, YouTube, and streaming. Jagex DESPERATELY needs to capitalize on this market.

We have seen these efforts reflected including: The focus on MORE Morytania content, for example Darkmeyer. While I loved the current adjustments, they have everything to do with Settled along with the popularity of his Morytania series. Trying to capitalize on the flowing market is clearly informing development priorities. Twitch-Prime promotions. Jagex understands these promotions flooding RuneScape with robots which hurt the economy.

Ever wonder Jagex has begun not polling PvP upgrades? There is way more at issue than simply the"ethics" of polls. Jagex sees PvP because the future of RuneScape since PvP is the most-viewed action on Twitch. They need OSRS to become an e-sport. As a result of this initiative, Jagex has pushed through a series of widly famous and faulty PvP initiatives -- many of these. These include, but are not limited to. Player feedback was dismissed by jagex and made the problem worse. However, they do not care and will not repair the issue, because they, ironically, do not wish to be seen as Anti-PvP. They are desperately looking for avenues to produce PvP the next e-sport, and to increase subscribers.

Content such as the Current Ferox Enclave. The Ferox Enclave changes RuneScape, and should have been polled since it impacts more than simply PvPers. It wasn't. This has little to do with ethics. Jagex is currently making PvP its focus since they wish to attract players via streaming. More unpolled articles. The path we are currently heading down is that all PvP content will probably be unpolled. Jagex is desperate for the Twitch market, and will disguise them as"ethics" upgrades, until they capture that market (they won't).

I mention this alongside the proposed Slayer update all because I think they are related. As a community, we should be very, very concerned. I recommend Jagex to keep in mind that OSRS is a lot more popular than RS3. Do not forsake your heart player-base at a (self-defeating) attempt to appeal to a wider audience. It did not work earlier, and it won't operate.Back that the Jmods made. We see since the community shoots down al their creativity, Jmods walking off. The greatest downfall of RuneScape would be. However, the simple fact this community destroy all their ideas for RuneScape. I must disagree strongly with your purpose. No offense but it's clear you believe developers understand the best most don't.

My staff and our customers communicate about our thoughts to enhance the infrastructure. We have a whole lot of thoughts that we think are fantastic, however there are just as many ideas that get taken down by the clients due to the effect it might have buy rs gold paypal. And that is entirely fine because with those rejections, we get a estimate of what is reasonable and what isn't. If we pushed our thoughts, it is possible to damn ass guarantee our company would go under. The exact same can be said about OSRS.