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Salen hands you the herb, shards and holy water vial. Mix it all together inside the Vial of HOLY WATER and you'll get an Salve Potion. Speak With OSRS gold Salen. Do you have the Salve Potion? It's available there. It's fantastic! Now I can regain MY CITY of TAVELRY! What? !

Salens' robes turn black and he jumps up from his chair to run through the front door. Go to Tavelry, with good food and armour. You will view a cutscene. With that foolish adventurer subdued I am able to take back this town. Pikkupstix and Drezel, Sanfew and Nature Spirit and the player: You are Salen! Gah! You think you can stop me? You might be wrong!

Salen summons 2 level 196 Demons. This is sure to keep you busy. The Demon slaughters Nature Drezel and Sanfew and Nature Spirit takes them back to his Hallow for Cure. It's just you and I kid. Lets do this! The Demon is Level 196, and is going to kill you quickly. Utilize your Melee Protector or Protect from Magic. The Demonic Blast that he uses to blast you will only hit 50-55 if you don't. The Melee is slightly weaker, and only hits 25-40.

Take out the Demon and then run to the Old school rs gold Tavelry Stone Circle. Then, you will see a new Cutscene. They can't stop these druids! I will not be stopped! Salen releases the Tainted Salve Water over the Altar of Guthix and then transforms into an Level-198 Druidic Demon.