Affordable Call Detail Record Analysis

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The number of people who have mobile phones has increased rapidly in the last decade. The number of people who have smartphones and tablets is also increasing. This means that there is a lot of data available for analysis, which can be used to make decisions about a business.

This article will discuss how affordable call detail record analysis can be used to make decisions about a business. It will go into the different types of data that are available and how this can be beneficial to businesses, as well as some of the limitations that may need to be considered before using this type of data analysis.

A call detail record (CDR) is a log of a phone call. It can be used to find out the time and duration of the call, the phone numbers that were called, and other details.

The analysis of CDRs can help in detecting fraud and abuse.

The methodology for this type of analysis is not very complicated. All you need to do is collect enough data from the CDRs, which are usually stored by telecom companies. You then analyze them to detect patterns and trends related to fraud or abuse.

Call detail records are a valuable source of information. They provide detailed information about the callers, their location, duration, and frequency of calls.

Call Detail Records are not just for law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies. Even small and medium-sized businesses can use them to understand customer behavior and to build better marketing strategies.