The Complete Guide to Purchasing a Wig for the First Time

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When it comes to choosing their first wig, many women who are experiencing hair loss for the first time feel overwhelmed

When it comes to choosing their first wig, many women who are experiencing hair loss for the first time feel overwhelmed. They contact us and ask for our recommendations on clothing styles. However, there is no simple answer to this question because it is dependent on a number of factors that are specific to the individual in question. Consequently, we've put together this helpful guide to help you through the process of choosing your first wig!

The most important question you should ask yourself is "How active and busy is my lifestyle, and how much time will I have available to spend on my hair?"

Think about how much time you spend exercising at the gym or outside. Also consider how busy you are with your job or with your children. These considerations will have an impact on the amount of time you have available to spend on your hair.

Fiber The amount of fiber you should consume is directly related to your lifestyle.
Three fibers are available: traditional synthetic, heat resistant synthetic, and human hair. Traditional synthetic, heat resistant synthetic, and human hair.

Each fiber has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are detailed in the chart below. Learn about these fibers and consider which would be Wholesale Bob Wig the most appropriate for your lifestyle. Once again, the most important factor to consider is how much time will be required for upkeep and repair. Maintenance for traditional synthetic hair is the least amount of work, whereas human hair is the most work.


Constructing a Cap

Following that, it's critical to understand how different cap constructions affect different styles. Consider the characteristics of your ideal wig. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Are you looking for the most realistic hairline possible because you prefer to wear your hair pulled back? Alternatively, do you not care because you prefer to wear bangs?
Is your scalp sensitive, and do you value the softness of the base materials?
Do you enjoy switching up your look on a regular basis? Or do you prefer to keep it the same way you do every day?
Is it more important to you to have more volume at the crown or is it more important for you to have the appearance of natural hair growth?

All of these characteristics are directly related to the wig's cap construction. This will be discussed in greater detail later in the blog.

The length of a piece of writing
The last factor to consider is the length of the piece. The length should be manageable for the individual wearing it. When it comes to human hair styles, the longer the hair, the longer the time required for the styling. Longer styles will tangle more easily and will require combing throughout the day, despite the fact that synthetic fiber styles do not require additional care in the same way that human hair styles do. The general rule of thumb is that the shorter the style, the easier it will be to keep it looking good for longer.

We've created three very general but distinct scenarios to get the conversation started, but the specifics will vary from case to case.

Scenario No. 1
A human hair style with a lace front, single monofilament, and hand tied cap construction is the best choice for someone who wants to change up Bobo Wigs their look from day to day.

The following are the reasons:

Human hair is the most realistic fiber because it appears and feels the most natural to the wearer.
Lace front: a natural hairline that is perfect for someone who prefers to keep their hair pinned back and away from their face.

Singular monofilament top: This style allows the wearer to change the part in either direction while still maintaining the appearance of natural hair growth.
Hand tied cap: Because each hair is tied to the cap individually, the cap has the most natural appearance possible. As a result, styles incorporating this cap have the most natural movement.
This is the "hug for your head" section that we've been talking about. It is possible to achieve the most comfortable fit by using the stretch section from ear to ear. This is because it stretches to fit the wearer nice and snug, similar to the way it feels to wear your favorite, most comfortable leggings.
Margot Robbie or Gwyneth Paltrow are both excellent choices for this type of person.

Scenario No. 2

Someone with limited time and preference for ready-to-wear styles may be looking for a synthetic with a wefted cap construction, and they may or may not take into consideration important additional features such as a lace front.

The following are the reasons:

This person may not be ready to fully dive into the world of human hair, for example, they may not have the blow drying skills that are required to maintain the human hair fibers, so a synthetic piece will allow them to avoid the stress of constant maintenance and instead learn to feel confident in their hair.
Breathability is enhanced by the use of a wefted cap.
Optional (but recommended):Lace-up front with a single monofilament back
The durability of a Lace front/Single monofilament cap is enhanced by lace front wigs the fact that it has wefts that have been sewn to the base materials, allowing the wearer to feel more confident while wearing their system.
Marion or Mila would be excellent choices for this type of individual.

Scenario No. 3
Finally, there are those who are suffering from temporary hair loss as a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. A shorter style made of synthetic fiber with a lace front hand tied or double mono hand tied cap would be the best recommendation.

We recommend this because medical treatments have a tendency to deplete a person's energy, necessitating the use of a simpler hair piece that will require less effort to care for and maintain. In this situation, a style like Ignite would be ideal.

It is critical for a new wig wearer to understand the advantages of each fiber, each cap construction, and how your lifestyle influences your choice of wig. Once you have a better understanding of these factors, you will feel more confident when selecting your first piece.